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Contract Research Organization for Cosmetics Safety and Efficacy

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2019Japan-China Cosm. Tech. Exc.- Silver award

2019.11.4 New!

Announced OUR PHILOSOPHY- who we are


Invited review article, Photosafety testing


ROS assay adopted as the new OECD TG495


Our research article, Mental stress & skin physiology


Invited lect. The role of water on wrinkles formation


Conf. presentation, Hypoallergenicity, 50th JCEJ


Conf. presentation x2, Allergy/Polyphenol, 65th FSTR


Our research article, Anti-aging ingredient・・・


Our research activity, taken up to Nikkei newspaper


Invited lect., 33th Acad Pharm Sci Technol J


Conference presentation, facial pores, 81th SCCJ


Our "Stinging Test", taken up to Sankei newspaper


Our services, taken up to Nikkei newspaper


Our research article, plant extract for agingcare


Our phototoxicity test ,ROS assay, Nikkei newspaper


Conference presentation, 42th JCSS


Our research activity, taken up to Nikkei newspaper


Start exporting safety testing services


Our services, taken up to Nikkei newspaper


Our research activity, taken up to Nikkei newspaper


Our research activity, taken up to Nikkei newspaper


Accreditation for patch test by JSDA and JSCD


Our services, taken up to Nikkei newspaper

Japan Quality

Japanese consumers have a great interest in the safety and the efficacy of cosmetic products. Certification according to Japanese safety standards or efficacy claim guidelines will help to build trust of people around the world as well as trust from the Japanese market. Kirei Testing Labo, as a leading Japanese "Contract Research Organization" (CRO) in Tokyo Japan, examines the safety and the efficacy of cosmetics and their ingredients. HUT (home use test) and customization are also available. We, in accordance with OECD princeples of Good Laboratory Practice "GLP", provide wide varieties of non-clinical and clinical tests with high standards qualified by Japanese regulations and consumers.

Our Services - what we do -

Safety Testing

Efficacy Testing

Clinical Test

Clinical test

Stinging test

4wk Anti-wrinkle efficacy
(Japanese official guideline for anti-wrinkle claim)

Patch test (24hr) with subjects of sensitive skin

Moisturizing, elasticity, and resilience efficacy for 0-2, 6hr

Patch test (24hr)

4wk Whitening, skin improving efficacy

24hr patch test with quasi-drug guideline, 48hr patch test test are also available. Please contact us.

Biochemical and Cellular in vitro Test

Alternative in vitro Methods to Animal Testing

3 cosmetic domain test set whitening, antiaging, antioxidation

Primary skin irritation test with 3D-cultured human epidermis model (TG439)

3 anti-aging efficacy tests set Collagen production, hyaluronan production, cell activation

Eye irritation - STE test (TG491)

3 anti-oxidative efficacy tests set SOD-like activity, ・OH scavenging activity, lipid peroxidation inhibition

Eye irritation - RhCE test (TG492)

Gene Expression Assay

Phototoxicity - ROS assay

8 genes related with whitening efficacy

Single dose toxicity

6 genes related with anti-aging efficacy

6 genes related with moisturizing efficacy

Research Panelist Database

We have our own panelist database which includes special consumer profiles such as women with sensitive skin. This enables us to conduct unique clinical testing of cosmetic products quickly and reasonably. Visit our strategic panelist-enrollment site (Japanese). We conduct all clinical tests with informed consents from panelists after IRB approval.

OUR PHILOSOPHY - who we are -

Our mission - why we are here -

We support innovative challenges to make our changing lives beautiful and healthy.
Technology has developved dramatically with the accumulation of intellectual heritage. Life and society are changing acceleratingly. To live happily, we should be beautiful and healthy ("KIREI" in Japanese), physically and psycologically. Kirei Testing Labo (KTL) supports customer activities seeking innovative technologies making people "KIREI". We aim to give an impact by realizing “KIREI” to the world.

Our values - what we stand for -

Professional|KTL is a professional testing organization for beauty and health.
No compromise        As a dermatology professional, we do not compromise the quality of testing services.
Integrity                   We adhere to high ethical standards and laws for integrity.
QCD competence      We use wisdom to provide the fastest cost-effective tests.

Responsibility|We fully support customers' challenges.
Creativity           We creatively infuse professional knowledge into customer innovative ideas.
Achievement        Help customers achieve their goals with responsibility.
Consulting & customize   We consult and customize by focusing resources on quality.

Team spirit|Unique staff support as a team.
Diversity              We respect diversity, point out problems each other and grow together with fun.
Productivity          We organize our work and collaborate to achieve high productivity.
Engagement         We learn, share knowledge with the team and provide it to our customers.

Company Information

Company Name

Kirei Testing Labo Co., Ltd.


May, 2018

Head Office

〒135-0047 Tomioka2-11-18, Koto-ku, Tokyo JAPAN


〒135-0047 Haseman bldg.3F Tomioka2-11-6, Koto-ku, Tokyo JAPAN (Map )


Ichiro Iwai, PhD in Medicine


03-6695-0144 (Please use the inquiry form except in case of emergency.)






Efficacy and Safety Testing of Cosmetics, Food, Beauty Appliance, Quasi-drugs etc.